Vegetarian Food Pyramid

Vegetarian Food Pyramid diagram and chart - Human body anatomy diagrams and charts with labels. This diagram depicts Vegetarian Food Pyramid. Human anatomy diagrams show internal organs, cells, systems, conditions, symptoms and sickness information and/or tips for healthy living. This body anatomy diagram is great for learning about human health, is best for medical students, kids and general education.

Vegetarian Food Pyramid

vegetarian food pyramid

The Vegetarian Diet Pyramid was produced by a world renowned scientific committee to review data on plant based diets and provide recommendations. This pyramid reflects the vast variety of healthy foods that should fit into the daily diet, in order to take in as much nutrition, vitamins and minerals as possible.

Instead of being referred to as the “Basic Four” as most baby boomers grew up with, it was changed to the more familiar “Food Pyramid” and separated out the fruits and the vegetables: 1. Milk, yogurt and cheese 2. Meat, poultry, fish, dry beans, eggs and nuts

The 5 major plant-based food groups (whole grains, legumes, vegetables, fruit, nuts, and seeds) form the trapezoid-shaped lower portion of the pyramid. Optional food groups, which may be avoided by some vegetarians (vegetable oils, dairy, eggs, and sweets), form the smaller, separate, triangle-shaped top portion of the pyramid.

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