Neuron Diagram

The Anatomy of a Neuron Neurons are a significant part of the nervous system. They work as a communicator between the brain and the body. The neurons and glial cells make the brain. Neurons are cells that work to transmit the signal. They gather the stimuli for the command of action on which a human body works.
The diagram or the structure of the Neuron is useful for both Class 11 and 12 board exams as it has been repetitively asked in the board examinations. It is also one among the few topics having the highest weightage of marks. Here is the description of human neuron along with the diagram of the neuron and their parts.
This is an artist’sconception of the generic structure of a neuron. All neurons have a cell body known as the soma, which is the command center of the nerve and contains the nucleus of the cell. All neurons are also set up structurally to both send and receive information.

Neuron Diagram Diagram - Neuron Diagram Chart - Human anatomy diagrams and charts explained. This anatomy system diagram depicts Neuron Diagram with parts and labels. Best diagram to help learn about health, human body and medicine.

neuron diagram