Diabetes Aids Carousel

The unique features of diabetes management in HIV are listed and discussed below: 1 General Measures. 2 Life Style Modification. 3 Psychosocial Support. 4 Oral Anti Diabetic Drugs (OADs). 5 Insulin. 6 … (more items)
Liraglutide has recently been reported to improve various indices of insulin sensitivity, including HOMA-IR, blood pressure and weight, apart from achieving effective hypoglycemic control [ 43 ]. These properties may make it worthwhile to study the effect of liraglutide and exenatide in HIV-associated diabetes.
Patients diagnosed to have diabetes and HIV together may be treated according to guidelines for non-infected individuals. The initial drug of choice will remain metformin, unless contraindicated or not tolerated. In such cases, it will be prudent to use insulin or low dose meglitinides as a second line therapy.

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