Iliac Node Image

Iliac lymph nodes. They are located above the pelvis and receive drainage from the sacral, external iliac and internal iliac groups of lymph nodes. They mainly drain lymph into the caval and aortic groups of lymph nodes. Some direct lymph drainage into the common iliac nodes occurs from some pelvic organs, for example,…
Iliac lymph nodes The location and number of several groups and sub-groups of lymph nodes receiving lymph drainage from the pelvic organs vary but four main groups are well known and can be described as follows: External iliac nodes: These group of lymph nodes are located above the pelvic brim, along the external iliac vessels.
They form a cluster around the anterior and posterior divisions of the internal iliac artery and the origins of the gluteal arteries. They receive drainage from the inferior pelvic viscera, deep perineum, and gluteal region and like the external iliac nodes, drain into the common iliac nodes.

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