Bone Growth Diagram

Bone Growth. Bones grow in length at the epiphyseal plate by a process that is similar to endochondral ossification. The cartilage in the region of the epiphyseal plate next to the epiphysis continues to grow by mitosis. The chondrocytes, in the region next to the diaphysis, age and degenerate.
Bone growth is under the influence of growth hormonefrom the anteriorpituitary glandand sex hormones from the ovaries and testes. Even though bones stop growing in length in early adulthood, they can continue to increase in thickness or diameterthroughout life in responseto stressfrom increased muscleactivity or to weight.
Bone Growth. This process continues throughout childhood and the adolescent years until the cartilage growth slows and finally stops. When cartilage growth ceases, usually in the early twenties, the epiphyseal plate completely ossifies so that only a thin epiphyseal line remains and the bones can no longer grow in length.

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bone growth diagram