Daily Nutrition Chart Nutrition Facts

A nutrition facts table can also be used to: 1 learn about a food’s nutritional value (calories and nutrients) 2 see if a food contains a little (5% DV or less) or a lot (15% DV or more) of a nutrient 3 compare 2 products to make informed food choices 4 better manage special food needs such as a low-sodium diet More …
Daily Values Recommended intakes of nutrients vary by age and sex and are known as Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDAs) and Adequate Intakes (AIs). However, one value for each nutrient, known as the Daily Value (DV), is selected for the labels of dietary supplements and foods.
Each food item shows 60 Nutritional Values, such as: 3. Pre-set recommended daily allowances (RDA / RDI) for each Nutrient. Free version contains a database of only 50 foods. If you like it then you can buy the Full version with 1923 foods. Plus you will also get our eBook Nutrition Content of Foods as a Bonus for FREE!

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daily nutrition chart nutrition facts