Bronchi Lungs Diagram

This article will discuss the anatomy of the bronchi. A bronchus, which is also known as a main or primary bronchus, represents the airway in the respiratory tract that conducts air into the lungs. Bronchi will branch into smaller tubes that become bronchioles.
The bronchi are lined with the same type of mucus that lines the rest of the respiratory tract. Foreign objects breathed into the lungs often end up in the right bronchus, as it is larger than the left. Once inside the lungs, each bronchus is further divided into five smaller, secondary bronchi, which provide air to the lobes of the lungs.
Bronchus: Definition and Anatomy. These bronchi, in turn, travel to each of the lungs. The bronchi divide first into lobar bronchi, and then tertiary bronchi called segmental bronchi, followed by three more generations of progressively smaller bronchi (fourth, fifth, and sixth subsegmental bronchi).

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bronchi lungs diagram