Dep The Abo Blood Group Diagram

• Other gene which plays an important role in the determination of ABO blood groups is H gene with locus on chromosome 19. • Each individual inherits two ABO genes , one from each parent and these genes determine the ABO antigen present on their red cells • The A and B genes are dominant while O is recessive thus is not directly detected.
The ABO group system is important during blood donation or blood transfusion as mismatching of blood group can lead to clumping of red blood cells with various disorders. It is important for the blood cells to to match while transfusing i.e. donor-recipient compatibility is necessary.
3. There are four common blood types for the ABO system: The ABO blood group system is controlled by a single gene on chromosome 9. There are three common alleles for the gene, often represented by the letters I A (or A), I B (or B), and i (or O). With three alleles, there are six possible genotypes for the ABO blood group.

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dep the abo blood group diagram