Costovertebral Joints Anatomy Diagram

Costovertebral joint consists of the head of the rib (the head of a typical rib has two facets – each facet with a separate synovial joint separated by a ridge. The head of each rib articulates with: The lower rib facet articulates with the upper costal facet of its own vertebra
Costotransverse joint, seen from above. [edit on Wikidata] The costovertebral joints are the joints that connect the ribs to the vertebral column. The articulation of the head of the rib connects the head of the rib to the bodies of the thoracic vertebrae.
The connection between the heads of the ribs with the sides of one, or two adjacent vertebral bodies are known as the costocorporeal joints/joints of head of ribs. The articulations of the necks and tubercles of the ribs with the transverse processes of their corresponding thoracic vertebra are the costotransverse joints.

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